Stress and dealing with it

Stress, something all of us have probably struggled with at some point of their lives. Certainly I have, I have actually really had some massive problems with it.
This year I’m in my final year of secondary school and it has been great at times, but not so great at other times. Throughout the last four years stress has become a bigger and bigger part of my life. Especially this past year has been very stressful, because of school. I have been really freaked out about exams and I still very much am, because I’ve got an exam week coming up in four weeks. I feel like I’m just way to far behind on learning and I’m procrastinating like never before. Also, I was sick last week so I couldn’t do any homework; it just sucks.

Often for me stress results in procrastination, but then that just turns into more stress. Eventually I’ll feel like I’m caught up in this never ending loop of both of them getting worse and worse. Then I get mad at myself for all of it, and usually scream into a pillow or bang my head on a matress -probably not the right way to deal with stress, but for me it sort of works for a bit- Really after this is when I’ll have a real attempt at becoming less stressed for longer than ten minutes.

The first two things I do after screaming into a pillow are these and they work great for me:

  • First of all, I just try to put all of my distractions away. I’ll turn off the music I’ve got on -for me music can be great for relaxing, but it can also really annoy me- then I close all the unnecessary tabs on my computer. I also put my phone somewhere where I can’t reach it from behind my desk.
  • Then I’ll get some homework that isn’t too difficult or something that I like to do. I’ll keep the boring and annoying stuff for later when I’ve already done some other things, because I’ll feel less stressed by then.

I thought that I would also make a list of some other things that make me feel better:

  • Making a schedule of what I’ve got to do and when I’ve got to do it. If this isn’t possible I’ll just write down everything on piece of paper, so I at least know what has to happen.
  • I like to tidy up my desk, so I’ll have a calmer workspace.
  • I like to read a non-school-related book.
  • I like to take a shower, because it gives me some time to think for a bit without feeling like I’m wasting my time.

I hope any of these things might be helpful for any of you and please leave behind any tips you’ve got for me in the comments.

Have a nice day!


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