I need to stop procrastinating!

Procrastination, also known as my best friend. I procrastinate… a lot, like way too much. I think most of you have procrastinated in your lives. For me, it has sort of become normal. I’m sort of like eight weeks behind on learning for my upcoming Latin exam -oops-.

For me the problem is that it’s just so much easier to not do anything. I know that it’s not the right way to think and I know that I should just DO it, but it’s so very difficult. I hate myself for procrastinating, I so much wish that I wouldn’t do it. Sometimes I have these bursts of energy and optimism where I’ll think that I will do everything I have to. However after I’ve then realised I’m way behind on everything I give up again.

I do truly feel like procrastination isn’t a good thing. For me it only brings more stress, which isn’t very nice. Also the feeling after you’ve completed something big is such an amazing feeling. It should make me want to do things, but for now me typing this post is actually just me procrastinating more. I was actually planning to do some homework and to learn for an upcoming -thursday- exam, but I might not do either. Though I’ll try to force myself to do something after I’ve posted this.

I would really like to know any tips someone might have to stop procrastinating.

Have a nice day!


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