YAY! Holiday!

YAAAAY! I’ve got a holiday for a week, so no school! Also I’ll leave for the UK in about an hour.

I said in my first post that I might not keep living in the Netherlands, well this is because I applied to universities in the UK. I’ve applied to five and so far I’ve heard back from four, and I’ve been accepted to all of them! YAY! I’m so incredibly happy and proud of myself for that. So this week I’ll be visiting two of them, the University of York and the University of Edinburgh -Edinburgh is the one I haven’t heard back from yet, but still going to visit, because I wouldn’t have to pay tuition fees if I study in Scotland.- However York is probably my favourite right now, so I’m very nervous, but really excited to go there.

I really hope that I’ll love York, because I’m not sure what to do if I don’t… But I think that I’ll probably like it a lot! I’m nervous though, because I’ll have to have an informal interview and I’m worried that I won’t say the right words in English and that my grammar will suck.
However the rest of the day there seems amazing. I’ll have a tour of the department and the colleges and I’ll have a workshop about chirality, which is one of my favorite parts of chemistry. YAY!

I’m sorry for all the YAY’s but I can’t wait to see the place where I’ll probably spend the next four years of my life!

Btw, if everything goes according to plan then I’ll have wifi the next week, but if something goes wrong and I don’t then sorry… Then I’ll write the posts and post them when I’m back from my holiday.

Have a nice day!


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