A sucky travel experience to the lovely York

I’ve arrived in York today!
I must say that I’m very relieved to finally be here. I went here by boat, where I was on for 17 hours, 17! It was pretty horrible, because I get seasick even when the boat is almost completely still, but there was a storm! It was slightly funny because everybody looked drunk while walking, but that was all there was to laugh about. My parents and I were all sick and the only way we felt slightly less sick was by laying down. So then we tried to sleep at 7pm, which didn’t work. In the end I fell asleep but it wasn’t great.
However today, after we had waited for more than an hour for border control, we drove to York! We walked around for a bit and we drank some tea in really nice cafes. It’s so amazing here. The city is really pretty and cute.


Tomorrow I’ll visit the university and I can’t wait!

Have a nice day!


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