My top 3 best holidays!

As my holiday ends tomorrow, I just wanted to talk about my favourite holidays for a bit. I’ll give you my top three best holidays.

1. I’d have to go with my school trip to Rome. Rome is just such a beautiful city and I’d learned all these things about it in school so it was amazing to see it in real life. Some statues, like Apollo and Daphne looked very close to real and I still have chills thinking about it. I was only in Rome for five days, but I’ve seen so much and it was definitely my favourite holiday. -our teachers kept tying to make us believe that we were there for school and that it wasn’t officially a holiday, hahaha-

2. London has to be second. I went there during the summer holiday. I went there for five days wih four of my best friends and I loved it. It was so much fun with my friends and I’d been wanting to go there for so long. London is just lovely, I finally saw the big ben and the london eye and 221b Baker Street! From the outside only though because he queue was very, very long. This wasn’t all though, I also went to see a musical and I went to a great exhihition about how technology has developed over the years.

3. Choosing the third place is difficult. I’ve had some great holidays in Belgium, but also an amazing one in Portugal. And also my current holiday is pretty great. I’d have to go with my holiday to Belgium to a small place in the Ardens. I’ve been there twice but the first time was probably my favourite out of the two. I went there wih my parents and brother and we stayed at a holiday park. There we could do rock climbing and rafting and other such outdoor activities. These are things I absolutely love to do! Also the surroundings from where we stayed were amazing and just really beautiful. And my brother and I met some great people there!

What are some of your favourite holidays?

Have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “My top 3 best holidays!

  1. I enjoy going to Holland with my Dutch wife! Beautiful country. We live in Los Angeles…so it is quite a long trip but well worth it. We are 9 hours behind in time so keeping in touch with family in holland can be difficult. Keep up the good work on your blog.

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