C for Control

Control, I like it a whole lot. I like to be in control of whatever is happening in my life. I always find it very difficult to just follow someone else blindly into doing something. It can make me really anxious.

I’m definitely the person who always needs to know what’s going on. I can become really panicky when I’m not sure what about to happen. The same goes for not understanding something at school. Whenever that happens there just goes this feeling of total panick through my body.

It can be really hard sometimes to have this urge to control not only what I do, but also what everybody around me does. As I’ve learned this about myself I now try really hard to just be fine with following someone else’s lead even if I don’t know what will happen.

I think it’s really important that I learn to let loose a bit, because I know I can’t control everything and I shouldn’t, because other people are very capable of organizing and planning things. It can also be fun to be surprised and to not know everything that’s going to happen.

Have a nice day!


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