F for friends

You know with the letter F I could’ve gone for either friends or family or both. I believe family is important, but it’s a lot more fun to talk about friends because everybody likes their friends. At least most of the time.

Friends are amazing. I find it very nice to have a group of people around me who are supportive of me. Everybody needs that. You can’t live your life all by yourself. From time to time you need people to tell you that you’ll be fine and that you don’t have to worry.

I’ve got some amazing friends, one is my best friend and when I’m around her I’m completely comfortable and that feels really good. My other friends I mostly see at school and they are also very nice. It always feels really good not to be alone at school and to have someone to talk to.

Sometimes there can be problems with friends too. There has been some drama with planning holidays with certain friends and not with others, because some of them don’t like each other very much. But really any group of friends has some problems. You just have to make sure that they’re only small.

Have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “F for friends

  1. They make our lives happier and we make theirs as well special. I have a calender with quotes for each day (hahaha yes I like them even when they are cheesy) one of my favourite ones really fits: A true friend is one soul in two bodies.- Aristotle

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