L for Learning

Learning, the thing we all sort of hate and love. At least I do, I think learning is pretty amazing.

I think that it’s great that I can say that I love to learn, even though I’ve been learning like crazy for my exams this week. Yes, I will admit that learning for exams can sometimes be a drag and it might not always be the thing you want to do. However, after I’ve learned something I’ve got this amazing feeling. I’ve got the feeling that I understand and know something I didn’t before.

So today I learned for my physics exam and before today I felt like I was never going to understand it, because it was so incredibly abstract that I just couldn’t get it. Then, today I went through everything slowly and thoroughly and I now actually feel like I understand it for the most part. It’s an amazing feeling, because I didn’t think it would happen. Now I’m actually feeling quite confident in myself and I think I might get a good grade.

This just showed me that learning is great. Life for me is about learning. Every day you should learn something new, however small it might be, because it will help you understand yourself, other people and the world around you.

Have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “L for Learning

  1. It’s a good thing you love learning so much and hopefully all the learning pays off as well. One cannot go through life without having learnt anything. From the day we were born till the day we die we learn. Have a prophet-able day and good luck studying – The False Prophet

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