M for Music

I absolutely love music, I feel like I can;t live without it any more. I listen to music a lot, because it makes me happy, but it makes me also feel more relaxed, which is really nice with all the stress from school.

I would say that my music taste is probably not the best, though it has become a lot better since I was twelve. I listen to a lot of popular things, but I like the more calmer ones. Basically, my favourite kind of music is just someone playing something acoustic with a guitar (or a piano). I’m a huge Passenger and Ed Sheeran fan, like huge. I’ve listened to Thinking out loud OFTEN, VERY OFTEN. (But I mean come on it’s a great song and he’s also dancing!)

Also, one of the songs I’m slightly obsessed with is Hozier’s Take me to church. I love the song, I love the sound, but also the meaning behind it. Today I saw an amazing video of Sergei Polunin dancing ballet/contemporary to this song and I have to share it with you. You might have already seen it, because it has quite a lot of views, but just watch it again, because it’s fricking amazing. I find ballet very interesting and I can watch someone doing ballet probably for hours, so this is perfect for me.

I want to share one other song with you. I listen to it quite a lot around new year. It’s a song by The mountain goats, which you might now if you’re a John Green fan, but otherwise you probably won’t. It’s not a very well-known band and I don’t like all their songs, but I do like some. So the song I’m talking about is This year. Just have a listen, it’s not to everybody’s taste, but I like it. (the music video is a little weird though…)

Have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “M for Music

  1. Yeah, I guess I have to agree with you that bad taste doesn’t exist, but I do think that one can say it about themself.
    Yes, it’s about the love between same-sex couples being the same as heteroseksual love and that religion shouldn’t be against it, because it’s natural. I just completely agree with that.
    Have a nice day!


  2. Bad taste does not exist. We all just like someting different that’s the great thing about humans we are all different!

    I honeslty love just listening to radio. It gives me the feeling of being home and it’s nice to keep a bit in touch what is going on there when I am not home. I would say my music taste is quite open: I listen to pop songs, alternative music, musicals, sometimes opera ☺️so basically anyhing haha

    Omg I as well listened to “Take me to church” so often I love it. What is the meaning behind it? I heard it was about the rights of same- sex couples, but am not really sure.

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