T for Tea

I love tea, just love it. (I also like coffee btw, so I’m in the middle of the whole tea or coffee debate) So I like tea a lot, good thing I’ll be moving to England 🙂

Tea is nice and warm and I just love to hold a cup of tea in my hand when I’m cold. It always takes some time to cool off before you can drink it so during that time your hands can get warm again. My hands are basically always freezing, especially when I’m typing behind my computer.

I basically like all sorts of tea, I just like English blend, but I also really like star anise, which has sort of a bit of a liquorice taste; it’s really good. I also really like mint tea, but not the fresh mint tea. I had fresh mint tea once because I thought I’d really like it, but I turned out to hate it, which is rare, because I basically like almost any type of tea.

In the Netherlands most people either drink their tea without anything or with just sugar. It’s not normal to make strong tea, so we don’t put milk in it. I’ve drunken my tea in England with some milk, because it was too strong otherwise and I sort of like it, but I like it better without the milk. I never put sugar in, because tea for me doesn’t need any sweetener at all.

Tea is amazing, even though you occasionally burn your tongue. Drink tea!

Have a nice day!


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