V for Vlogbrothers

The Vlogbrothers, aka John and Hank Green’s Youtube channel. I might have mentioned before how much I love John Green, well I don’t only like his books but I also really like his and his brother’s Youtube channel.

I first got to know about their Youtube channel through another Youtube video: Teens react to The fault in our stars. It turned out that the Vlogbrothers was one of the earliest Youtube channels. On January 1st 2007 John and Hank started vlogging. For an entire year they decided to not have any textual communication. So they couldn’t text, e-mail or even write a letter to each other. Instead they sent each other videos through Youtube. They both alternately uploaded a video every day, except for the weekends.

After 2007 they kept vlogging, but didn’t post a video every day. Now John posts a video on Tuesdays and Hank on Fridays.

In total there are now around 1300 videos on their channel and I watched them all! In the meanwhile they also started other Youtube channels, including educational ones like CrashCourse and SciShow, but also gaming channels including Hankgames (this started out as a channel by Hank, but John sort of took it over.) and GamesWithHank.

Their original channel Vlogbrothers has 3.5 million subscribers, but all their channel combined have around 6.7 million subscribers. Also you might have heard of VidCon if you’re a Youtube fan. Well, VidCon was actually started by Hank and I would love to go there at least once in my life.

Have a nice day!


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