The shameful dinner

Today I had dinner with my brother, parents and grandparents. I wasn’t really looking forward to it for two reasons: it’s always so boring, my grandparents often tell the same stories over and over again and I know that it isn’t their fault, but still… The second reason is that it’s always very awkward between my mother and my grandmother. There is always this battle between them to be right or something and it’s just weird. This grandmother is my mom’s mother-in-law btw.

So tonight dinner was okay, it wasn’t as boring as I thought it’d be so that was great. However, in the restaurant there were some problems with the food we got, because the staff had been very unclear about what we had ordered and we had too much fried rice and not enough normal rice. My mother then got a bit angry and was almost screaming at the waiters and I felt so ashamed.

I know that it’s alright to send food back in a restaurant when something isn’t right or to at least call them out on it, but I always find it such an awful thing to do. My mom was definitely overreacting at the restaurant and I just wanted to crawl away in the corner, until she stopped. I just feel horrible and ashamed and I felt bad for the waiters. (Though admittedly they were bad waiters, they were trying to be funny, but they weren’t and it was just very awkward.)

My mom does this kind of thing a lot, and I just want her to stop doing it, because it unnecessary. I don’t think I could ever do something like this, even if I were in a bad mood. I just want everybody to be nice to each other. Please be nice and considerate!

Have a nice day!


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