I was a diver!

As a child I did a sport, which not many did. It’s an uncommon sport and you probably don’t know anyone who does it. I’m talking about diving! No, not the diving where you go deep down in the sea, but the diving where you jump from high up and make somersaults.

DCP_2344 DCP_2356

Look at how cute I was, little me at the age of 9.

I did diving from 6 years old till 12 years old. I was good, not extremely good, but I was good for a while; I won a couple of medals in regional competitions. I was probably at my best at around 10/11 years old, I was doing well in competitions and I had training 3 times a week.

Diving is a sport that I loved doing, I absolutely loved it for a while. I really liked the sport, but the people at my club not so much. Some were nice, but I never really fitted in. However,  I kept going because the sport made me happy.

There is one thing that you must know about diving is this: it can hurt. When you land flat on your back it hurts a lot. In time this made me scared. As a young child you don’t have these fears of something going wrong, but at the age of 12 I was pretty scared. Diving was a sport where a lot of kids age 7/8 were, but very little older than 12. It’s a very competitive sport and competitions are everything. It’s a sport where you need to be great at the age of 12 or you could better just quit. At the age of 12 my fears where holding me back, I quickly wasn’t good for my age anymore and I didn’t have any fun training. So I stopped. With all of this came that I was in my first year of high school and I made new friends and one of those friends, Zilver, did climbing, so I wanted to do that and have fun with my friend.

I’m still glad I made the choice to quit diving and start climbing, because I enjoy climbing a lot and the people are all really nice. (I seem to have this thing for sports with heights) However I’m also happy I have done diving in my past, I still like doing somersaults in pools and I’m still quite flexible because of it.

Have a nice day!


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