The sleeplesness that was my camp

This weekend I was away on camp with my scout group. Normally we go camping, but because it’s still early in the year it’s often very cold and rainy. It even snowed one time!

This year however we could stay at someone’s holiday house and it was so much better than camping! We had heating and even a dishwasher. Such luxury! So basically what we do on camp is just hang out and do cool things. We’re quite a tight group of friends so we have a lot of fun even when we’re not really doing anuything.

We did go to a museum, so we did something useful, but the rest of the time we watched movies, had a videogame tournament and just walked around town. And we also did some lasergaming, which was probably the best thing I’ve done in a  while. We have our own lasergame-set, so late in the evening we just went outside and looked for places to play and we had never done it before, but we’ll definitely do it again!

I loved this weekend, but I went to bed on friday (well, technically saturday) at 4:30 am and saturday (so, really sunday) at 5 am. So now I am tired, very tired and I should really go to bed right now, but the internet is so addicting…

Have a nice day!


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