So yesterday I signed the list with all of my grades from my school exams. Looking at that list now, I feel very proud.

When you get the grade of only one exam you often think that you could’ve gotten a higher grade. However, looking at all of my grades together now makes me realise how good my grades have been the past 3 years.

In the past 3 years I had 67(!) exams. In all of those exams I’ve only ever had a grade lower than a 7,0 (which is a B) twice. I’ve only gotten 2 C’s (a 6,5 and a 6,6) which is really good. Like I’m actually really proud of myself for this! And I’m not often truly proud of myself.

For anyone who’s interested, these are my average grades per subject:

Dutch: 7,3 (B)
Latin: 8,1 (A)
English: 8,2 (A)
Maths: 9,2 (A*)
Computer science: 8 (A)
Physics: 7,9 (A)
Chemistry: 8,4 (A/A*)
Biology: 7,6 (A)
Combination grade of some one-year-long subjects: 8 (A)

These grades are 50% of my final grade for a subject. The other 50% is the central exams, which is one exam per subject. I’ll be taking those in 3 weeks. The computer science and the combination grade are both already final grades as they don’t have central exams.

I’m really happy with these grades as I need an 8 in chemistry and maths and a 6 in English to get accepted into university. It’s not very difficult to get those grades, so I’m really relieved.

Have a nice day!


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