An email to your future self

There is this site, Future Me, where you can write an email to your future self.

I think that it’s really great to do this, especially when you’re feeling a bit down. If things aren’t the way you want them to be at this moment in your life, write an email to yourself about how great you know your life is going to be in a month, year or even longer.

You write the email and you can then choose any date on which you want to receive it. I’ve written a couple, at least 3 I can remember. (A fun thing is that you probably forget about it until you receive the email). I just wrote one to myself for the day after my exams, I also wrote one for on my birthday, and I wrote one for a couple of years from now. The fun thing is that I already know that there’s going to be stuff in it that’s not going to be true. For example I wanted to be an engineer for a while so I wrote about that, but I no longer want to be an engineer. It will still be great to read those things I thought about myself.

I think it’d be great if you also wrote an email to yourself, it doesn’t have to be deep or meaningful, but it can be if you want to.

Have a nice day!


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