I’m wasting so much time

I’m hating myself a bit at the moment. Instead of doing the stuff I need to, I’m just on YouTube all day, which is NOT what I should be doing.

I’ve planned all my learning I’ve got to do before my exams, and it’s very much possible to do the amount I’ve planned per day. But I’m just not into it. I’m sort of feeling more like this is a normal holiday, where I’ve got to do some school stuff, but I need to realise that it isn’t. I’m just not at that point yet, which annoys me.

Also I really want to review The sign of the four, which I’ve read a couple of weeks ago, but I just can’t get myself to do it. And maybe most importantly, I need to make a CV, because I don’t have one. I’ve found this summer job, which I kind of like and I want to apply, but I need a CV, which I don’t feel like making. Especially because I now have to make one in Dutch, but then next year I’ll need one in English. But I should really do it, because I don’t know how long the position¬†will be open for. Also I need to tell my parents I want to apply for this job, and I suck at telling my parents stuff.

So well…

Have a nice day!


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