12 problems only John Green fans will understand

I saw this link on Tumblr. It’s a link to an article about 12 problems only John Green fans will understand. So I though I’d go through them and share my thought on them.

12. Having an endless desire to go on roadtrips

Yes, true. I want to go on a roadtrip so bad, though this desire doesn’t only come from his books. It just seems so much fun, but it’s not really a common thing in the Netherlands, which sucks. Also I can’t drive.

11. Knowing you’re probably going to cry

Yep, John’s books are always full of emotions and I don’t want to spoil the books if you haven’t read them, but FEELS.

10. Rereading TFIOS and knowing you’re DEFINITELY¬†going to cry

I must admit that I haven’t actually reread TFIOS, but I cried a lot the first time I read it. It was one of two books, which have made me cry A LOT.

9. Knowing the last words of famous people

In Looking for Alaska, Miles is obsessed with the last words of famous people. John Green is too. I think it’s very interesting, but I couldn’t come up with one if you’d ask me.

8. The whole Youtube thing

So there are the fans who know and who don’t. If you don’t know John Green is a famous Youtuber/ vlogger. I think the people who know about him as a Youtuber are slightly more obsessed with John, but well I don’t see it as a problem that some know and others don’t. Check him out on Youtube though, he’s amazing. DFTBA.

7. Trying to talk like a John Green character

Okay, guilty. I’ve caught myself trying to sound like one. They always talk with so much elegance and they make the greatest sentences, but it’s not possible to talk like them.

6. Trying to talk explain what TFIOS isn’t

I haven’t had to do this much. I had to talk to some people about it for my English class and it is very difficult to make it sound like an incredible book, but IT IS.

5. Hoping they don’t mess up Paper Towns

As Paper Towns movie adaptation is coming out and I’m very excited! The trailer looks amazing, but there is always the doubt they’re going to mess it up. I think everyone has this with a movie adaptation of a book. I’ve got great hope though!

4. Getting hooked on The mountain goats

The mountain goats is a band, John’s favourite band, and yes I did get hooked on them. I don’t like all of their songs, but I’ve actually shared my favourite one with you, This year.

3. The word ‘Okay’ has changed forever


2. Wanting the adventure (even if it comes with the heartbreak)

Yes, yes, yes I long for an adventure. Even if it ends bad, the ride looks worth it.

1. Waiting for the next John Green novel

Damn it John, hurry up already. Yeah, I really want a new novel, but it’s not going out any time soon. However, I will last because I get to watch a new John Green vlog every Tuesday! I think that even if it’ll take forever for a book to come out, he will still have his fans through his Youtube, which is great.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the 12 things above.

Have a nice day!


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