Sometimes I get this obsessing with this one type of food. At the moment it’s oatmeal.

In the past I’ve only eaten oatmeal like two times at my friend’s house. And I’ve made oatmeal cookies also twice I believe, also at my friend’s house.

For the past couple of weeks now I’ve really want to buy oatmeal so I could eat it as breakfast or lunch, because I remember really liking it and it’s so simple to make and just different from bread. I normally eat bread for both breakfast and lunch and sometimes I just don’t want to eat bread anymore.

However, I’m weird and I didn’t want to tell my parents I wanted to eat oatmeal, because I’m pretty sure they don’t like it and we’ve never really had it at home. So I decided to make oatmeal raisin cookies. ¬†Because I bake quite often it wouldn’t be weird if I bought oatmeal to bake. So now I’ve got these delicious cookies at home and left-over oatmeal to eat for breakfast. Win-win!

Have a nice day!


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