Top ten school subjects

I’m sory for all the school related stuff, but that’s my life right now. I thought I’d share my top ten favourite subjects wih you.

1. Chemistry; I’m going to study it so it’s number one. I love how everything in the world is made from atoms that are just put together in different ways.
2. Maths; I love the logic of it and I’m good at it.
3. Latin; Translating it is like a puzzle.
4. English; It’s very useful.
5. Computer science; Programming is fun! Just don’t care about the theory stuff.
6. Biology; I find it very fascinating to learn about humans, don’t care about plants though.
7. Physics; I just never got the hang of it and my teacher is really boring, which made the lessons quite horrible.
8. PE; I liked it at the beginning of secondary school, but I gradually got less and less fit. My teacher was incredibly nice so that was great.
9. History; I think history is very fascinating but I’m not the kind of person who likes to learn for hours to know some dates by head.
10. Dutch; I hate the language and I’ve learned very little.

Have a nice day!


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