A lot of my friends seem to be getting their driver’s licence or they will start taking lessons soon. It just feels really strange.

I’m 17, which mean that I could start with driving lessons, but it still feels like I’m too young.

Driving terrifies me, I get scared really easily so when I hear a loud noise I almost jump up. I feel like it would be really unsafe to let me drive. Also the responsibility you have when driving is enormous.

So I don’t think I’ll get my driver’s licence any time soon. It wouldn’t feel right to start now, but it’s also very impractical, because I’ll be moving to the UK, where people drive on the other side of the road. I can barely cross the street on foot without getting killed in the UK and I’m already scared of the thought that I’ll be cycling there, so driving no way!

Most of my friends seem to really like driving, but I just can’t for now at least.

Have a nice day!


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