Socializing is hard

Today I went to the university of Amsterdam again for the matching. Before it started you had to wait in this special space. Monday it had been very awkward, because nobody knew each other.

Today, well I still felt awkward there. Some people had sort of gotten to know each other and they were talking to each other. I struggle a lot with just walking up to people and starting to talk to them.

Thankfully, there was a girl from my class there who became friends with a couple of other students there. So through her I started talking with them and they were really nice.

I always make my friends through other people I know. I did it at the beginning of high school and then again half way through high school when I switched classes. The only person I’ve consciously walked up to and talked to and become friends with by doing that, is now my best friend.

Sometimes I wish I was better at ‘small talk’, because I think it’s better to make friends yourself, because you will then be friends with people you actually like.

Socializing is hard and I’m going to struggle at the beginning of uni, but I’m going to push myself and try really hard.

Have a nice day!


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