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Recently my blog has been all over the place and I’m not sure if I like that.

My blog has been a collection of all different random subjects with no kind of structure in it. And I’m not really liking that.

I was blaming the lack of structure on the fact that I’d been so busy with school, but that’s over now and I’m still a mess. So I’m going to change it, because I want to produce more quality posts.

To get a bit more structure I want to have a type of post I’ll write for a specific day of the week, let’s say Monday. I’m not sure yet what type of thing it’s going to be, but I think I’ll just start this next Monday so I have to come up with something by then.

I was also thinking that it would probably be better if I wrote posts in advance so I could schedule them, because I’m posting at crazy hours. The Americans might not notice, but I sometimes post stuff at 1 a.m., which is just horrible. At that point I just type as fast as I can because I want to go sleep. And you deserve better than that.

So expect a bit of a change. (hopefully)

Have a nice day!


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