A new tv-series, Sense8!

Sense8 is a new Netflix-original series, and I absolutely love it!

It is a series about 8 people who are all connected even though they all live in different places. They can feel each other’s emotions, but they can also visit each other. This way they can see where the other people are and they can talk to each other. Of course to ‘normal’ people it just seems like someone is talking to themselves.

They can also help each other when they are in trouble. If someone needs to fight, but that person isn’t good in fighting they can get connected to the person who is good at it, and then that person is sort of fighting for them.
This way they can always get each other out of nasty situations.

The series is really beautiful, there ares shots from all over the world and you can experience all different societies.
I also like all of the characters, they’re all very different, but you can feel a connection with them all. THE FEELS!

The great thing about it being an original-Netflix series is that all the episodes are released at the same time, so you can just binge-watch it all!

You should all check it out, it only has 12 episodes for now (I’m really hoping there will be a season 2). I promise it’s a lot of fun.

Have a nice day!


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