TBT: school vegetable gardens

At my primary school you did something in 6th/ 7th grade, it’s called school gardens.

This was probably one of my favourite things about primary school. We always walked to a big garden near our school. The big garden was divided into smaller pieces and every child got one piece.

Every week we went there and we got plants to plant, mostly vegetables. We also had to weed our gardens and later we got to take the vegetables home!

Everybody had also made their own sign for their piece of garden. My class made book shaped ones and I think mine was orange, but I’m not sure.

I always loved going there, we could be outside and just have fun. Then at the end we’d have al these amazing fresh products we could show to our parents!

I know that school gardens is something quite common in The Netherlands, but do other countries also have something similar?

Have a nice day!


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