Heatwave on the come, oh help

SO, apparently there is a heat wave starting. At first I was kind of excited, because the weather lately has been horrible. However, it’s going to get really hot.

I live in The Netherlands, we are not used to anything above 30 C. It just doesn’t get any hotter than that normally. This week it might reach 37-38 C. I’ve never even experienced that kind of heat. And I’ve been on holiday to Greece in the summer, where it was 34 C, but this is even hotter.

I’m a little scared, because I’ll be going on camp, so no air conditioning, just a tent. And I’ll be outside most of the day, so I’m going to be needing lots of sunscreen.

In the light of me going on camp, I’ll have my posts scheduled, so there still should be a post every day, but if something goes wrong and there isn’t, then I’m sorry.

I’ll be gone for a week and I won’t have any wi-fi so that’s going to be weird. It’s gong to be very nice though.

Have a nice day!


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