Heat and tears

Today it was the hottest 1st of July EVER in The Netherlands. #hottestdayoftheyear was actually trending on Twitter, because it’s so hot in many European countries, which aren’t used to it.

I’m a bit upset, because tomorrow is probably the most important day in my life, because I’ll get my school certificate and I’m annoyed with my parents.
They just don’t seem very interested, which is making me quite sad. I was talking to them about what we were going to have for dinner, it doesn’t need to be anything special, but just something nice for an important day. But they just said we couldn’t eat certain things, because they wanted to go play golf, so they didn’t have much time for dinner.

So now I basically feel less important to them than golf. In the end we are going to eat something better than originally planned, but they’re just going to try to eat as fast as possible and it’s not going to be a nice cosy dinner…

This is making me way more upset than expected, but the tears just keep coming when I think about it. I’ve had this kind of feeling, feeling not very important to my parents, before, but I’m mad that it’s happening on this precise day.

Well, have a nice day!


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