Agloe, New York

The wonderful city of Agloe, New York! Okay, well it’s a semi-fictional city, but it has a great story behind it!

In the 1930’s Otto G. Lindberg and an assistant, Ernest Alpers, two cartographers came up with the town Agloe. They did this to ensure copyright. If they saw Agloe on someone else’s map then they would know that they had copied their map.

What happened was that people came there expecting there to be a town and  then a company heard of it and eventually a real store was built there,  Agloe General Store.
Unfortunately that store no longer exists, but the town has appeared on many maps and it even was on Google Maps for a while.

Agloe has become better known again, because author John Green used it in his book Paper Towns. I love the book and I love the town!

Have a nice day!


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