TBT: hanging out with friends

I might have forgotten all about tbt yesterday, ooops… I had actually planned to write this post, but I had just forgotten all about it. I’m still going to do it though!

I’m not sure how I came to think about it, but I was a bit mad at my parents and this just came up.

I started thinking about primary school and how hanging out with friends was still called ‘playing’. But then at the end of primary school is was very uncool if you used the word playing. The fact that that was a big worry in my life is so laughable, gosh how innocent and sweet were we then.

I also thought about how I always wanted to hang out at someone else’s house. I always liked that so much more and I remember that I never understood the kids who liked playing at their own home.
At then end of primary school I always hung out with the same friend on Tuesday and in the entire year we probably went twice to my house.

Growing up I always thought my childhood was fine. I always thought it was normal to not like to play at your own house and to think it was more fun at someone else’s.
Now thinking back on it I feel it wasn’t as normal as I thought it was. My family isn’t the cosy, let’s all hang out together and chat kind of family. My best friend does have this kind of family and when I’m at her place it always feels so nice.

Until recently I never really thought I missed anything in my childhood, because by all means I got everything I wished for. However, I know see that I missed having a tight, cosy family and it sort of makes me sad. But I also know that it’s in the past and it’s now just something I’ll be thinking about if I get children of my own.

Have a nice day!


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