Making a to-do list for univeristy

Today I went climbing again with a friend. This friend also happens to go to a university in the UK this year, so we could discuss it a bit.

Because I’m not only moving away from home to go to university, but I’m actually moving to another country, there are some more things that need to be done before I go.

I thought it’d be helpful to make a to-do list to keep track of the things I’ll need to do.
One of the first things I needed to do and have done a couple of days ago was getting a student loan. I don’t have my confirmation yet, but I think everything is alright and I;ll get it soon. I believe I’ve actually applied for a higher loan than we thought. There was one thing which we just said we wanted the maximum of, which is the money you use to pay your tuition fees. Tuition fees are much lower in The Netherlands than in the UK, so I didn’t think I could get much for that, but it turns out you can get more when you’re going to study in a foreign country with higher tuition fees.

There are a couple of other things I’ll have to look at over the next weeks, like health insurance. I thought I’d need to enroll in the NHS, but I won’t need to until I start to work in the UK, so I’m fine for now. This is great, because it’s one less thing to think about,

Other things are: getting a new Identity Card, sorting out what I want to do regarding to my lenses and opticians. And of course I’ll need to sort through my room and decide what to take with me, to do this I should definitely clean my room first, but ugh not feeling like that at all, because I’m working so much.

Also my parents and I have decided it would be best to go to York a couple of days before I can go into my accommodation, because there will be some things I need to get done once I’m in the UK, like getting a bike, a sim card and a bank account.

I’m so excited to go! I just can’t wait, I just want to leave tomorrow! I’ll be leaving in under two months though, which is crazy!

Have a nice day!


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