Your life being IKEA

At work there are a couple of people, who have been working there for many many years. Which seems so weird to me.

I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that people have worked for 25 or even 30 years at the IKEA. And they are doing the same damn thing as I am as a summer job. Like, wait what, why would you ever work there for so long.

I find this so hard to understand, because the job has no prospects. I talked to a woman and here entire plan was to work there until she can retire. I do think that I can be ambitious, but she seems so not. To me it seems so boring.

Of course I don’t know her and I don;t know her background or anything, so there was probably a good reason she decided to keep working there. So I’m not judging her, but I can’t help but be confused.

Have a nice day!


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