I made cinnamon rolls, twice… sort of

Because I had three days of from work, I thought I’d bake something, because that’s hat I like to do when I’ve got some spare time on my hands.

It actually took me so long to figure out what I wanted to make, but I decided on cinnamon rolls.

The first thing I had to do was make the dough. Everything seemed fine, the dough was nice and elastic and I put it in a warm spot to rise.
Two hours later… it hadn’t risen far enough by a long shot. I made the decision to start the dough again and I bought some new yeast.

However, I didn’t want to throw away this dough, because it had risen a little bit, so I decided I’d just shape them into bread rolls and bake them.
They ended up tasting pretty good, a bit dry, a bit like a scone.

The second dough was perfect, it had risen loads and the cinnamon rolls are delicious!

I got this recipe from a Youtube channel I follow, Sorted food. I had seen the recipe for cinnamon rolls before so when I thought of it I just looked up the recipe. I love their Youtube videos, they are informational, but also very fun to watch!

I’ve got more baking coming up this week, because my mom’s birthday is coming up! YES!

Have a nice day!


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