Foody blog post!

Something else, I can get quite fixed on wanting to do something lifestyle wise, because of a documentary or reading something or watching a video.
A while ago I saw a documentary, Vegucated. In the docmentary people learned about the meat industry and they went vegan for a month. After watching this documentary I didn’t feel like eating much meat anymore.

I never went vegetarian, because I do like to sometimes eat meat and also I don’t think my parents would ever understand it. I have kept the sense though to try and eat less meat. At home we eat meat for dinner almost every day. We sometimes eat vegetarian replacements for meat, which I love. Those things are delicious!

Now that I’m working I quite often eat dinner at work. I’ve basically decided last Wednesday that I’m only going to eat vegetarian at work. So far I’ve really liked it. I’ve eaten delicious lasagna and I’ve also eaten little balls made from vegetables. YUM!

I’ve been thinking about it way longer, but I just want to eat healthier. I just bought oatmeal the other day, because it so much more filling than bread, but it’s also better, because I always put loads of sweet stuff on my bread. Instead with oatmeal I don’t. This morning for instance I put a banana and some cinnamon through it and it tasted amazing!

I also really want to get into drinking healthy juices and smoothies. I’ve seen a couple of Youtubers do it and I think it’s great. I already make fruit smoothies sometimes, but I’m going to try to incorporate some vegetables.

Again, I think my parents would just think I’m a bit crazy, so I’ll just see how it goes. I’ll be fine when I’m at uni, which is less than two months away. AAAH, screaming! (I’m so excited, I think about it every day and it just makes me smile every time!)

Have a nice day!


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