A guy asked me out and it was creepy

Today I came home from work. I was ust casually walking home and everything was fine.

Then at the playground next to my home there was a guy. I didn’t know him or atleast I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before.

He started talking to me, he was like I never do this, but you look beautiful. Will you have a drink with me as friends?
I mean really as friends I know that wasn’t what he meant. And I was like no, sorry.
He then asked me out a couple more times ans he kept telling me I looked pretty, but I just felt very awkward and I didn’t know him so I didn’t want to givw him any personal information.

He said he lived in the street next to mine, which I think is true, but I’m not sure.
I just felt kind of creeped out by the entire situation and I’m hoping I won’t see him again. If I do though my plan is to tell him I’m gay, which isn’t true, but it is vey effective to get boys away from you.

Have a nice day!


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