Train missing and meeting up with friends!

Last friday I went all the way over to a holiday home to see my friends, and it was awesome!

My friend and I really wanted to hang out at least one more time this holiday before everybody would go off to different places for university next year. We didn’t really have a goodbye party or anything like it, so it felt like we needed to close off the big part of our lives that was high school.

Because I had work on Thursday and Saturday I could only be there for one day, but it was still great.
We just had time to catch up, we played some games, we played a drinking game, which isn’t like us at all. We’re all people who don’t really drink often. We also had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant and got some ice cream afterwards.

It was so great to see my friends again, I hadn’t seen any of them for a month. My best friend had been on holiday for the past four weeks so I’m so happy she’s back again, because we can hang out!

Going back from this holiday home I was together with one of my friends and we had some train problems, with trains being at different platforms than we thought they’d be. We ended up missing one train, so we then had to figure out another way to get back home, which was annoying and difficult because it was quite late already. We were very happy to arrive at the right station!

I’ll see some of my other friends monday when we’re going to see a movie. I’m very excited!

Have a nice day!


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