My room has never been cleaner

My mom hates cleaning and frankly that’s why our home is always dusty and dirty. My dad would never ever clean something ever, and my brother and I only very rarely clean our own rooms.

We had someone clean our house a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t very succesful. The cleaner wasn’t great and she was lying to us a bit, so that’s wasn’t great either.

Basically, ver since then my mom has wanted to hire someone else, but it just didn’t happen.
Then, last week she heard from someone she knows about a woman who cleans so my mom hired her. Today she came for the first time and I didn’t expect her to clean much in my room, I just thought she’d vacuum a bit, but she also dusted everything! My desk was so incredibly dusty, it was awful and now it all nice and clean. She also dusted the top of my closet and she vacuumed underneath my bed, which hasn’t been done for as long as I can remember.

So, I’m very happy about that!

Have a nice day!


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