Pre-Freshers feelings of anxiety

I’ll be arriving at uni in 38 days (Yes, I’ve got a countdown widget for it).

University start with a week known as Freshers’. I thought it was basically drinking and partying all week long, and just the thought of that was already making me uncomfortable.

I’m very excited to get started at university but untill a couple of days ago I just wanted to skip the first week and get started with my course.
However, I recently discovered there are actually alternative events for students who don’t like to go the night clubs and drink. This has made me feel so much more at ease.

I was just feeling so anxious lately, even though it’s still more than a month away and I was feeling angry at myself for being anxious. So I was very glad that I learned about these alternative events, because I’m feeling a lot better right now.

Have a nice day!


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