Working with food

I work at the Ikea food department and sometimes the smell of food there makes me almost naseaus.

I work at the bistro where you can order hotdogs and swedish meatballs. I’ve never really liked hotdogs, but working there has made me dislike them so much more.

When you constantly smell it, it just gets to you. I just can’t imagine myself ever buying a hotdog there, thinking about it is actually making me feel a little sick.

I’m really glad I don’t work in the main restaurant, because the food they serve there is the same as they serve for dinner for their personnel. For me the food upstairs is really good and quite a welcome change from food at home, but I’ve heard people really dislike it. Which is so can understand.

I just have a week and a half left… which feels surreal. Even though I’ve just worked there for the summer it feels like forever.

Have a nice day!


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