Feeling adulty with my friends

Tuesday I had lunch with two of my friends. It was such an adult thing to do.

I’ve never really gone to a restaurant with just my friends to have lunch. Doing something like that has always felt like something only adults do, and now I was doing it. We all felt very much like being grown-ups when we were sitting there.

We didn’t go to anything fancy at all, we went to Wagamama. I had some chicken ramen, which tasted really good except for this weird vegetable that tasted sweet and like vanilla. The best thing was probably the homemade lemonade though. It had lime and mint in it and it was amazing!

Outside of the restaurant there is a massive chess game, so we watched two men play for a while. They were both very good and it was very interesting to watch. I played chess when I was younger, but I then sort of forgot about it. However, I played it with my friend Monday and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s so complicated and requires a lot of thinking, which is what makes it so fun!

Have a nice day!


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