Sailing and rowing competition!

This past weekend I had the annual sailing and rowing competition with my scout group!

We sailed on Saturday, but unfortunately there was very little wind. It was a lot of fun and we did really great, but we ended up getting extra time because we apparently did something wrong (but we didn’t).
However, the boat with my brother in it won, so we were all very happy about that!

Every year we are very good at sailing, but not so much at rowing. However, I quite like the fact that we’re bad at rowing, because it means that there is no pressure at all. It’s just a very relaxed day.

Sunday, when the rowing was, the weather was really lovely. It was actually warm, which was a miracle, because it has been cold and raining for the last week.

I had a really great weekend with friends and as usual I was extremely tired the day after. My voice was gone and I just watched series and movies all day long. But finally my voice has returned today!

Have a nice day!


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