Aladdin, the panto!

Aladdin, a tale about a simple boy ‘a street rat’ from Agrabah falling in love with the princess, Yasmine. Other things involved: a magic lamp, a flying carpet and of course a villain, Abanazar. Oh and also David Cameron, Vladimir Putin and One Direction.

All these people will only come together in one place, pantomime!
I decided that I wanted to get involved with a society and a third year student told me all about pantomime. I wasn’t too sure at first as it involves singing, dancing and acting and to be honest I’m not great at any of them. But you know what this is university and it’s time for me to try something new, so together with another girl from my flat we went to the auditions of Aladdin.

Yes, there were auditions for this, but everybody got a part (which is really the only way I would actually make it in). In the end I got the part of the southern peasant. It’s a very small role, but I do have some lines, and I’ll be in the background of a lot of scenes.
We’ve had rehearsals every Sunday for the past nine weeks now and it has been incredible. It is so much fun and I’ve become really close with the girl from my flat, but also with other people in the cast. (And at the panto Christmas dinner I ended up being the drunkest I’ve ever been, oops)

For those of you who don’t know, pantomimes are quite like musicals, there are a lot of songs (For example, David Cameron, Vladimir Putin and One Direction singing ‘I have a dream’ from Tangled, with some changed lyrics of course) and there is also a lot of dancing, which is a lt of fun to rehearse. Pantomime is also very comedic, there are lots of jokes and incredibly bad puns, which is just amazing.

I’m really glad I joined the pantomime society, because it makes me feel like I belong to this community. It is a something I lost when I moved to a different country and it is really nice to have that feeling again, because it makes me feel like I belong here and like this is my home.

Love, Suzanne


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