The past few weeks: an update

The past few weeks of my life have been a bit crazy.  I did some incredible things, which was so exciting, but I also went through a bit of a low, which was difficult.

I’m going to start with the happy things, because you know YAY!

I PERFORMED IN A PANTOMIME, ALADDIN. This was definitely the most exciting thing that has happened since being back at uni. As you can read in this post, I was part of Aladdin. Now, just over a week ago, we had our performances. The week of the performances, prod week, was the craziest week ever. We had rehearsals until deep in the night (2:30 am), I was definitely sleep-deprived, but the adrenaline of the actual performances kept me going! The show was incredible and it was the best thing I’ve been part of certainly in university, but possibly in my entire life!

On a totally different note, but also very exciting (though in a weird and different way), I’ve become a court representative for my college. My college is where I live, and my court is the specific building block I live in.  I’ve been wanting to get involved in university a bit more, because it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also really good for my CV. So now I represent the people in my building and I help organise small events in my college, which I think will be really nice, as I’m getting involved, but it’s not that big a role, so I don’t feel overwhelmed!

Now really on a different note, the not so happy stuff. I had exams the first week of this term and during prod week of Aladdin, I got my results. I knew I hadn’t done very well in one of the two, but even though I knew, it was still difficult to see my actual result. Don’t get me wrong, I have passed, but I was just disappointed in myself, which resulted in me first crying in front of my supervisor, then later crying in front of more people at Aladdin rehearsals (definitely not great). I’m doing alright now, but going through this I have discovered that there are some underlying mental problems that need to be addressed. This has resulted in me actually contacting the mental health services on campus, which terrifies me, but I’m also very proud of myself for taking this step, as it was a hard step to take for me. I will try and keep you up to date on this as the weeks pass if I feel like it. I haven’t yet heard back and I have no idea what to expect, so it might take a while.

Overall, these past few weeks have been pretty crazy, but I’m happy about the direction my life is heading in!

Love, Suzanne


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